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This blog is about intentional living, meditation, spirituality and personal development. I share my insights in my journey to awakening and my pursue of a more meaningful life.

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How to stop negative thoughts

It’s possible to stop uncontrollable negative thoughts. Here’s a few techniques

Limiting Beliefs

How to spot them and how to stop them

Life Purpose Part 2: Your vision board

How to create your vision board

On the struggle with balance

How to balance different aspects of your life and take care of everything that;s important to you

Lessons on self-mastery

Lessons from ‘The Monk who Sold his Ferrari’

How to Discover your Life Purpose (Part 1)

Life purpose series (part 1)

You do have enough time

The concept of time and how we can make time for the things we care the most. Newtonian vs Einstein time

How to attract what you desire into your life

Create your Soul Profile and attract what you want in your life

The Power of Affirmations

Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Who am I? 

Questioning process to discover my true identity.

Today I failed…

Some days don’t go according to plan and I feel like giving up…

Connecting with your true self

This is an account of useful steps towards a more meaningful and purposeful life…

The Easiest and Most Effective Meditation Technique

One trick to help you take up meditation and keep the habit…

Worrying – Your Mind is Stealing your Happiness and How to Stop it

How to stop worrying. The trick by Gay Hendricks

How to Free Yourself from Thoughts

Find freedom and relief from thoughts. This is how…

Long-Term Happiness over Short-Term Fixes in 2017

How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Judging Others is Harming Me More than Them

Judging others is an effective technique for self-sabotage and how to stop it!

Experiencing the Now – Could it Really Have that Many Benefits?

The many benefits of being present…

No More ‘I Shoulds…’ – No More Beating Myself Up

The dangers of moralising and how to stop it…

From our Home to our Community: Are you Up for the Challenge?

The minimalism challenge!

12 Ways to Combat Busy-ness and to Slow Down

Being busy is over rated. Here is why and how to slow down…

5 Ways to Reduce Phone Time – For a More Productive and Soulful Day

How to make your day more productive…

8 Ways to a Successful Shopping Fast – Embracing Minimalism

How to stop over spending and how to feel your have enough.

On Labels in Childhood – An Open Letter to my Son

A heartfelt letter to my son on labelling and its dangers.